Most of the time home owners believe that the best time to sell their home is during the spring and summer. This is a common belief across America when buying and selling a home including here in Michigan. Yes, there are pros to selling your home in the summer. The warmer months offer more families on the move while kids are out of school and better weather allows you to capitalize on curb appeal.

However, just as there are pros to buying in the summer there are also cons. You shouldn’t rule out putting your home up for sale before the spring market hits. Here are 3 reasons that you should consider listing your home this winter:

1)      Demand is strong – it is a seller’s market currently. Take advantage of this while you can.

2)      Competition is less- there is less competition on the market during the winter verses summer.

3)      Process will be quicker- traditionally less people are looking to move during the winter. This means that you will be able to sail through offer to close faster.

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