Frequently Asked Realtor Questions

Common Questions When Buying a Home

How do I know if it is a good time to buy?

There are always great opportunities to buy a home in the Grand Rapids area. There are many different financing options to consider and allow home buyers to purchase a home with as little as 0% down. Mortgage interest rates are still low which helps offset the increasing home prices that we have been seeing over the past couple years.

Buying a home is almost always cheaper than renting a home. When you rent a home you are paying the owner's mortgage in most cases plus some. Landlords typically are investing in real estate to make money and will not rent a home out just to cover their bills.

Unless you plan to move soon buying is almost always the better option. If you are interested in buying a home in the Grand Rapids area then contact our Ada realtor today!

What is the benefit of hiring a local realtor when looking for a home?

Hiring a real estate agent when looking for a home is an important part of the process. You hire a local realtor to be on YOUR side and to look out for YOUR best interests during the home buying process. You should hire a local realtor that you can trust. The best part of it is that it is free to work with a buyer's agent.

There is an admin fee at closing, but the seller in most cases is paying the agent a commission. So, why not choose a local realtor you can trust to help you make one of the largest financial decisions of your life?

How do I know what the best budget is when buying a home? I do not want to be house broke.

When buying a home you should choose a budget that allows you to comfortably afford the house, but also be happy with the home. Many things change as you get older. It is important that you are able to plan for kids, retirement, and other things throughout your life. You will also have home repairs to think of once you own your house so it is important to plan to save for a new furnace and whatever else you will need in the future.

Common Questions When Selling a Home

How do I know what my home is worth?

It is best to have a local real estate agent do a comparative market analysis after walking through your home or hiring an appraiser will help you understand the value of your home. There are many different internet value websites to check the value on your home, but they are not the best option to know your value.

To start the first step with selling your home contact our Ada real estate agent today!

When is the best time to put my home on the market?

The best time to put your home on the market is when it clean and ready for prospective home buyers. Meaning all the small jobs around the house are completed. Spring is typically considered the best time to sell a home, but there are always buyers looking to buy a home.

Spring time also brings more competition for home sellers which is a negative to listing in the Spring. Right now anytime is a great time to sell a home as there is a lack of inventory and many buyers in the Grand Rapids area competing for homes.

What is the benefit of hiring a real estate agent when selling my home?

There are many benefits to hiring a real estate agent when selling your home. Many sellers do not know where to start and there are many costs involved in selling a home.

First, a local real estate agent can guide you through the process and explain the costs. It is important to keep in mind when selling a home local realtors are working for you and representing you.

Second, selling your home can be emotional and having a real estate agent to represent you helps distance feelings and can help save you money. A good real estate will make sure the home is staged well and pay for professional pictures to get the most buyers looking at your home.

Third, having a good marketing plan and being there to guide you through negotiations is also important. Many times in this hot market there are multiple offers and knowing how to handle this is important to be able to choose the best offer which might not always be the highest offer. There are many things involved in an offer and having a local realtor there to guide you through it and that you can trust is a way to ensure you make the best decision possible. Selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you might make in your life and can also be one of the most emotional financial decisions too.